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  video and audio installation

Concealed behind a hedge of green shrubs lies the Huis te Vraag (House of questions) cemetery, which is no longer in use but can still be visited. The tombstones have become overgrown with ivy and other plants. It is a green oasis of calm in the middle of the city and it really seems as if time stands still here. Present and past flow together there. It raises questions about life and death, beauty and transience. Isabel Miquel Arques took the atmosphere of Huis te Vraag (House of Questions) as her fount of inspiration. She compares this cemetery with a music box where deep emotions remain put away under the lid, and which is only opened occasionally. 

During KadS, the Museum Tramline’s Eindpunt-house (Terminus hut) functions like a music box that contains an impression of Huis te Vraag by Isabel Miquel Arques. When the visitor opens the door to the waiting room, it is as if he is actually opening a music box. Within, there is an audio and video installation on a continuous loop; a musical composition integrates sounds of the city and Huis te Vraag that were recorded at the cemetery together with the projected video images. This work takes visitors on a mental journey to Huis te Vraag, unveiling this hidden location as well as any hidden questions and feelings that such a place evokes. 

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