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De Memòria - From Memory

What do we remember? How do we remember?

Does memory expand on a general view of a memory through detail, or does it concentrate on a particular universe in a detail, in an object, in a corner or the scene?

And what happens when we remember an individual?

From Memory / De Memòria consists of a series of images based on these questions. The answers translate into  a trip to the Lleida of my parents and my own, through family photos and objects from the past. Its process and its path in memory is the starting point of new images.

To this extent the portraits in this series are based on the character features with which memory associates the portrayed person and where, taken to the extreme, the physical appearance becomes secondary. 

-From 10/03 until 14/05 of 2023-


Institut Estudis Ilerdencs

Plaza de la Catedral 2, 25003

La Gòtika, Lleida, Spain

Translation from Catalan to English

I left Lleida 30 years ago –my husband is from Belgium- and for me, memory is an important part of my life.

The core of this exhibition is very simple, how do we remember and what do we remember?

We are talking not only about places or objects but also people. Portraits are based not on the physical aspect but on the character features with which memory associates the portrayed person.


I am a visual artist that uses photography as my brush. 

Everything in this exhibition, from the images self to the paper choice, the way of printing, a frame with glass or without, presentation, and lightning are in function of how I want people to look at it, that is by immersion. I want them to be immersed in the act of remembering, not only mentally but even physically. I want them to be able to hang over the images; the use of the book rests invites them to do so, as well as the individual small light on each work. 

The artwork is displayed with the idea of intimacy when reading a book; in this case, a book without text but that people can read.


There is a picture of my mother’s hand on an old envelope. The envelope contained a small card written by my mother’s mother to her oldest son. I always kept it, because on the card there were written just these two words, « Tu madre/Your mother », without the usual ending like with love, or kisses, etc…, just « Your mother ».

I thought it was very powerful.

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