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Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Toon Tellegen’s book, “Letters to Sleeping Beauty”, has greatly inspired this exhibition.

The book describes the story of a prince deciding that the time has come to find Sleeping Beauty and kiss her. He doesn’t know where she is to be found, what this voyage shall bring or what to expect from his journey as a whole. During the course of his one-year travel he writes her letters everyday.

“Here be lions”, echoes the medieval practice of putting dragons, lions or sea serpents in uncharted areas of the map.

Those are our prince’s territories.

The core of this exhibition aren’t fairy tales, not even  "Sleeping Beauty” herself, but another kind of beauty that goes further than hundred years of sleep: longing.

In today’s world, which appears to be fed by the immediate and the imminent, the notion of ‘longing’ seems to be part of the dictionary of forgotten words.

In my mind however, longing is this fascinating, lengthy process filled with desire, exaltation, doubt, disappointment, contradiction, poetry and hope. It’s a pursuit. It’s a thought on the move and yet steady.

Delighting, enlightening and dark all together. 

“Here be lions” holds twelve artworks, representing the twelve months within a peculiar year, without any seasons.
The work is a rather dark piece established in black and white narrative, which appears to be set in a somewhat unconventional fairy tale décor.

The images are not a statement. On the contrary, the door that leads to interpretation is wide open.

    all images copyright © Isabel Miquel Arques 2024

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