Isabel Miquel Arques (°1963) is a Spanish artist currently working and living in Antwerp. At the age of ten, she got her first camera from her father, an entrepreneur and amateur photographer. After working in Barcelona, Amsterdam and London with, amongst others Ilan Wolff, an expert in camera obscura, Isabel moved to Belgium to forge her own path, searching for the soul of the medium photography. Averse to a technically accurate reproduction, the artist resolutely opts for the imperfection of experimentation, paying close attention to materiality, transparency, texture and tactility. This manifested itself for the first time in the exhibition Agitation (2012 - Ingrid Deuss Gallery), in which Isabel showed works that are printed on old, yellowed and torn newsprints, only to culminate in her recent solo A Study on Movement and Imperfections (2021 - Ingrid Deuss Gallery). Here be Lions (2015 - Ingrid Deuss Gallery), a project inspired by Toon Tellegen's Letters to Sleeping Beauty, had already made it clear that Isabel is a true storyteller, and her Music Box (an audiovisual contribution to the KADS - Art At The Schinkel in 2015 by the Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, Amsterdam) further confirmed that, which earned her in 2019 an invitation by Catherine Lefebvre to work at the Karen Blixen Museum in Copenhagen. This resulted in the current Beyond Borders - Isabel Miquel Arques in dialogue with Karen Blixen.   


Solo Exhibitions

2009/ Gallery Van De Weghe  (Antwerp) “Portrait with schrimp croquet”. Based on her book with the same title published by Ludion.
2010/ “Portrait with shrimp croquet”, Soledad Senlle Gallery - Amsterdam.
2012/ “Agitation” Ingrid Deuss Gallery – Antwerp
2015/ “Here be lions” Ingrid Deuss Gallery – Antwerp
2015/ Invited artist with her audiovisual project “Music box” to KADS (Kunst aan de Schinkel- Art along the Schinkel) in Amsterdam. Art in public spaces.
2016/ Artwork “To See” for the TAG Foundation - Antwerp.
2018/ “Après l’Averse/After the Downpour” Ingrid Deuss Gallery – Antwerp

2021/ Exhibition at Ingrid Deuss Gallery curated by Roxane Baeyens -  "On movement and Imperfections"

2022/ Book presentation and Exhibition at Ingrid Deuss and Geukens & De Vil "Beyond Borders- Isabel Miquel Arques in dialogue with Karen Blixen"

Group Exhibition

2021/ "Unseen" (Amsterdam) Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Projects and Artist in Residence

2019/ Invited by Mostapha Romli as an artist in residency at the Center of Contemporary Art Ifitry, in Essaouira (Morocco)

2019/ Invited artist to develop a personal artistic project at Karen Blixen Museum - Copenhagen

Book Publications

"Portrait with shrimp croquet" (Ludion)

"Here be Lions" (Ingrid Deuss Gallery)

" Beyond Borders - Isabel Miquel Arques in dialogue with Karen Blixen" (Ludion). First of a trilogy (published by Ludion). Launch second book april 2023.