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Ingrid Deuss Gallery


I am on the extension of history. I am more than four hundred years old.

I am part of what remains. I am made from what has been. I am what floats after sinking. 

I am a letter, a prayer, a musical phrase, a piece of work.


 This exhibition is part of my past and my present.


AGITATION stands for disturbance and nervous tension, for excitement and a rapid heartbeat. 

Discovery, storms, invasion, religion, stain, menace, wound, illumination, confession, knowledge, ink, gold, waves, force, escape, ownership, darkness, admiration, punishment, black, pilgrimage, possession, destruction, reconstruction, mud.


Back to the present I am trying to bind the unbinding knots with a past, not only reflected in images but also in form and texture.

The photographs are printed on old, torn and faded paper, full of imperfections. 

I wanted to bring back -in a medium led by perfect reproduction- the unique and the craftsmanship, the beauty of the irregular, the excitement of the unconventional. 

The artworks are not sterile, nor polished.


We are full of traces.

    all images copyright © Isabel Miquel Arques 2020

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